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Architectural Photography Services

Unlike real estate photography (produced for the purposes of renting or selling a property), architectural photography focuses on showcasing the functionality, creativity and personality of spaces and design. This also includes remodeling projects, where contrasts between old and new styles and space configurations can be quite stark - resulting in very photogenic comparisons which can enhance your firm's deliverables and value. With this in mind, Bill Breneman Photography blends relationship-driven customer service, technique and quality workmanship with requisite artistry and creativity. Indeed all aspects of a project, including the initial client consultation, space styling/staging, lighting, time-of-day considerations and post-production work - are given thoughtful attention with the goal of making spaces look as good as they can be. Bill Breneman Photography provides high-resolution, still photography solutions for projects regardless of size - and is ready to work with you and your team.

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Sample Architectural Photography Imagery

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