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Good hotel photography is essential when promoting your resort, hotel or B&B and its various amenities - and is also your most potent online asset when attracting and converting customers. Alternatively, your photography can also be a huge liability - for blurry, poorly-exposed, crooked and/or severely cropped images can result in missed opportunities and negative impressions, instead of bookings.

As more people use smart phones to search for and book rooms, it's imperative that your photography hold potential customers' attention longer, and keep them from scrolling past you. Professionally-done images can achieve this, as well as capture customers' imagination, excitement and (literally) provide them with a clear picture of what to expect before booking a reservation.

Bill Breneman Photography would love to work with you and your management team to produce quality images for your resort, hotel or B&B - with no restrictions on their use. Whether you have recently taken over management, recently completed (or are about to complete) a remodeling project, or simply desire a "fresh look", Bill Breneman Photography provides still photography services with prompt turn around time, with several pricing packages to fit your budget and needs.

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