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About Bill Breneman

Bill was born in Marietta, Ohio and raised primarily in West Virginia, western Pennsylvania and western New York. He has lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. He has also traveled extensively throughout North America as well as abroad to Europe, the British Isles, Australia and New Zealand.

Bill's interest in photography began in high school. While in college, he gravitated towards photojournalism, serving as a photographer for several campus publications as well as a stringer photographer for local newspapers. In 2010 he founded Bill Breneman Photography.  A year later, he published his first book, "Oregon Journeys: A Photographic Safari Through the Beaver State", a nature photography book profiling the state of Oregon. It received critical acclaim, and has been sold in book stores and gift shops all over Oregon.  

Leaning on his professional background in sales and marketing, he has promoted his services and products for personal, residential and commercial application. Bill's images have been featured in news broadcasts during breaking news segments as well as in television commercials. His work has also appeared on billboards and YouTube as well as in newspapers, books, websites, album covers, public service announcements, calendars, annuals, programs, magazines, businesses, festivals and art galleries. In 2019 he was the chosen by the Central Oregon Builders Association to photograph select high-end custom homes for the COBA Tour of Homes.

A true renaissance man, Bill spends his spare time traveling and exploring, taking walks (jokingly referred to as "board meetings"), writing poetry, stargazing, listening to music, cycling, hiking, spending time with friends and family and enjoying "creative play" activities like building models, scratch-build rockets and various things out of Lego (see below). He is a member of the Central Oregon Builders Association and the Central Oregon Association of Realtors and lives in Bend, Oregon. 

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A Lego Maniac...

Like many kids, I grew up playing with Lego. Over the years my love affair with Lego hasn't waned and as a former teacher and an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) I have remained a huge fan of "creative play". I've designed all sorts of crazy stuff - ranging from to-scale 3D tiny house renderings and other architectural projects to household items that I actually use, including an iPhone/pen desktop organizer and a toiletry organizer in my bathroom. Building such things helps keep my creative juices flowing and allows me yet another opportunity to think "outside the box": about life; and the capabilities of Lego. I continually feel supremely satisfied when I make something beautiful and/or useful.  

One day I felt the urge to scratch my "Lego itch" - and wondered what I could build next. My thoughts eventually turned to my very own camera, which instantly got me excited as the thought of producing a to-scale 3D rendering of my gear would truly blend my two great loves: Lego and photography. Fortunately I had (barely) enough pieces in-house to successfully built a replica of my Nikon D780 dSLR. From sourcing the pieces, constructing it and finally painting and decaling, the project took 3 days and 30 hours: a nice little weekend project! Below are three images of the model I made (with my actual Nikon D780). Click on the images to enlarge them.


~ Bill Breneman

P.S.:   For all of those who are wondering, I did try to make some images with my Lego camera....but the images came out REALLY pixelated! ;-) *Snickers*

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