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About Bill Breneman

Bill was born in Marietta, Ohio and raised primarily in West Virginia, western Pennsylvania and western New York. He has lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. He has also traveled extensively throughout North America as well as abroad to Europe, the British Isles, Australia and New Zealand.

Bill's  interest in photography began in high school. While in college, he gravitated towards photojournalism, serving as a photographer for several campus publications as well as a stringer photographer for local newspapers. In 2010 he founded Bill Breneman Photography.  A year later, he published his first book, "Oregon Journeys: A Photographic Safari Through the Beaver State", a nature photography book profiling the state of Oregon. It received critical acclaim, and has been sold in book stores and gift shops all over Oregon.  

Leaning on his professional background in sales and marketing, he has promoted his services and products for personal, residential and commercial application. Bill's images have been featured in television and YouTube commercials as well as news stories, newspapers, books, websites, billboards, album covers, PSA's, calendars, annuals, programs, magazines and various promotional pieces. Additionally, his images have been displayed at businesses, festivals and galleries. In 2019 he was the chosen by the Central Oregon Builders Association to photograph select high-end custom homes for the COBA Tour of Homes.

In his spare time he enjoys traveling and exploring, taking walks (jokingly referred to as "board meetings"), writing poetry, stargazing, listening to music, building with Legos, cycling, cooking, hiking, model rocketry and spending time with friends and family. He is a member of the Central Oregon Association of Realtors (COAR), the Central Oregon Builders Association (COBA) the Bend Area Chamber of Commerce and the Redmond Chamber of Commerce. He lives in Bend, Oregon. 

"To a great degree, being a professional photographer is like being a professional baker - and like making a cake, making a photograph is a similar venture. There is a process. There are certain ingredients needed - and you have to understand the properties of those ingredients and how they work together in order to create something amazing. There are multiple steps involved. Patience is key and timing is everything. Like baking, photography is a discovery learning exercise - you learn by doing, not by reading a book. You have to know your equipment. You have to be able to shift on the fly and improvise - and succeeding at that only comes from knowing your craft. No matter how hard you work you can't master it overnight. You have to possess tremendous discipline, work ethic and a willingness to go without sleep in order to improve your craft. To a large extent you can't take shortcuts - it's a profession which demands one's time and a pathological attention to detail."

~ Bill Breneman

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