About Bill Breneman Productions...

Originally established as a fine art nature photography and merchandise venture in 2010, Bill Breneman Productions (formerly Bill Breneman Photography) has evolved into a full service commercial photography, videography and 3D image capture company based in beautiful Bend, Oregon. While located in Central Oregon, Bill Breneman Productions routinely performs work across Oregon and possesses a regional footprint and international reach.

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An ever-expanding portfolio...

The last several years have seen a whirlwind of expansion in served market segments as well as leveraged technology. Such market segments include: real estate (both residential and commercial sectors); vacation rental properties; multifamily property management; architecture/construction (progress/documentation imagery and portfolio imagery); retail and hospitality; private industry and others.

In parallel with this effort Bill Breneman Productions has expanded deliverables to include high resolution drone imagery and 4K video, MatterportĀ® 3D virtual tours and dSLR and GoPro-based 4K video, along with enhanced post-production tools and techniques. This expanded breadth and depth in market positioning and technology elements can comfort stakeholders, knowing that Bill Breneman Productions can be a trusted partner.


Since entering the real estate and rental property space in 2017, Bill Breneman Productions has photographed nearly 500 real estate listings and rental properties and has expanded strategic focus to include dozens of architectural, construction, remodeling and landscaping projects, more than a dozen hotels, several multifamily housing projects as well as senior living facilities and shopping centers. In 2019 Bill Breneman Productions was the chosen by the Central Oregon Builders Association to photograph select high-end custom homes for the COBA Tour of Homes.

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Increased visibility...

Bill Breneman Productions' images have been featured on tv news broadcasts and commercials as well as billboards, YouTube, newspapers, books, websites, album covers, public service announcements, calendars, annuals, programs, magazines, businesses, festivals and art galleries. Additionally, Bill Breneman Productions' client base runs the spectrum from real estate brokers, property management firms and condominium-hotels to shopping malls, construction companies and architectural design firms. In recent years, Bill Breneman Productions' work has been featured in large, multi-page articles in Area 97 Magazine (the 2019 COBA Tour of Homes) and the Bend Bulletin featuring multiple images used in a full front page, multi-page article documenting the destruction caused by the wildfires in Cascade Mountains in 2020.

The Photographer...

Bill was born in Marietta, Ohio; raised primarily in West Virginia, western Pennsylvania and western New York; and has lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 25 years. He has also traveled extensively throughout North America as well as Europe, the British Isles, Australia and New Zealand. While majoring in History and Political Science at Westminster College (PA), Bill served as the Chief Photographer for "The Holcad", the college's student newspaper. Later while pursuing an M.Ed. at Western Washington University, he was Chief Photographer for "Kitchen Debates", a campus opinion paper. He has also been a stringer photographer for various local newspapers.

Bill is also a published author, having published "Oregon Journeys: A Photographic Safari Through the Beaver State", a nature photography book profiling the state of Oregon in 2011. It received critical acclaim and has been sold in over 60 bookstores and gift shops throughout the state.

A true renaissance man, Bill spends his spare time traveling, taking walks (jokingly called "board meetings"), writing poetry, listening to music, cycling, hiking, spending time with friends and family, as well as "creative play" pursuits such as building models, scratch-build rockets and various things out of Lego. An insured, FAA-licensed drone pilot, Bill is a member of the Redmond, Oregon Chamber of Commerce, the Central Oregon Association of Realtors and the Central Oregon Builders Association. He lives in Bend, Oregon. 

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