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Memorial Day

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Section 60

Ghostly white elegant marble edifices


precisely-shaped edges

stand vigil -

honored dead in hushed repose

exist in dignified equidistance

from fellow fallen.

Shade from aged oak and cherry trees

enshrouds those muted witnesses

of violent histories and broken dreams,


stray leaves dotting this,

a most hallowed ground.

Somewhere, camouflaged within rustling of trees,


singular notes of all too-familiar

Taps” are played -

the haunting sounds drift

over tear-stained grass,

welcoming a new arrival.

All rest with a silent,

tender peace,

divorced from the violent author of their passing here -

in Section 60.

Fathers, sons, brothers, sisters and mothers

claimed by eternal


are but still witnesses to unfathomable horror.

And in a clear space,

the accomplished soldier

is accompanied by that young woman -

loving still, lying prone,


with that special type of unspeakable,

all-consuming, soul-shattering grief.

Remember them.

~ Bill Breneman ~

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