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The Great American Barn

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Long Ago

There was a time, when eloquence was near;

the pages thick, the moments dear,

when life was a simple thing.

But this was long ago.

Each tune was sung with feeling,

every minute lived in gentle splendor.

Many lads and ladies were true and unashamed,

telling frankly (with elegance, mind you)

who should be blessed, and who should be blamed.

But this was long ago.

They lived a quiet life back then - polite and poetic too.

On Sunday they prayed,

and sat around with tea,

and talked about it all -

from the child to the worker bee.

But this was long ago.

The sunsets were golden -

they still are, but they were noticed then;

the pictures, confined to dark and gray,

secreted new, long - forgotten soul.

But this is now, and that was then.

I must depart, my contemporaries,

for the new earth's folk call me -

and must I say, with deep regret,

I am stuck in the wrong century!

~ Bill Breneman ~

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