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Bryce Canyon National Park

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Morning is crisp

with the wind's sharp breath,

with all strangely still

in the canyon of the Hoodoo.

Amongst the multitude of giants,

green trees struggle to make impressions,

their personalities contrasting sharply

with otherwise loud, orange surfaces.

Standing nobly, erect,

Thor's Hammer defies

time and the elements,

brilliantly peach-colored

against dawn's early light.

In between lightning storms

which darken the sky;

the winter snows which whiten all;

and summer heat

which bakes unapologetically,

time works on the storied surfaces -

eroding Hoodoos,

lengthening legends.

And somewhere in the distance,

the high-pitched chirp

of the ever-vigilant Osprey


throughout the canyon walls.


~ Bill Breneman ~

Untitled photo
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