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Crater Lake National Park

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Rich and marbled,

deep and still,

the lake is at rest - Blue.

Snowmelt keeps it fed,

the fresh water,

mixed with minerals and sediment,

trickles in by the ton -

just as it's done for thousands of years...

Beautifully Blue.

Clark's Nutcracker sits,

perched at eye level,

knowing why you're there

as chipmunks beg for scraps of your food,

while the Blue of the lake

provides the perfect backdrop.

The air is cool and crisp -

windy one moment and calm the next,

with trees providing much-needed respite

along well-trod paths.

The Blue of the lake gets rippled,

as nature's breath sweeps

down the slopes and across its surface,

disturbing the peace

of the Blue.

~ Bill Breneman ~

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