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Oregon Coast

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Reflecting Waves

With their slow rolling majesty,

they conquer all -

with each breath they alter the landscape forever,

powerful hands smoothing humanity’s careless steps.

One after another,

without pause or mercy,

they strike or caress,

depending on your interpretation.

They are like us all, so many and varied.

Some speak with a froth of rage and determination,

foreign and unknown to mild-mannered passer bys;

others gently lap nameless shorelines,

content to be also-rans

in the ever-evolving,

curiously contrasted world of power and gentle splendor.

Large and small,

calm and olympic,

each has their own story to tell,

delivering them in unique prose and character,

voice and façade.

And like us all, they undertake creation of individual verse,

inspired by forces

which are too deep and powerful to comprehend.

~ Bill Breneman ~

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