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Oregon Coast

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Conducted by the Tides

Gentle hour of gentle day,

sea shore's waves

soothe this poet's soul

like a loving woman nearest -

whispering sweet prayers and pleadings in my eager ears -

received with softened smile, shuttered eyes

with breaths long and deep.

Rushing water foams creating marbled waves

which blossom in glass-bottomed splendor

onto accepting sands while my soul sings -

born anew as waves roll

Father Time back on his heels,

finding refuge in this space.

I'm safe here -

nestled away from nouns, numbers and noise of my former world

which rarely bring me solace.

I'm understood without question and accepted,

my very essence comes alive

as the orchestra plays majestically,

conducted by the tides.

~ Bill Breneman ~

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