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Mid-Ohio Valley

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The Valley

Twisting, turning –

a surprise ‘round every corner –

the trees, hills and river guide you along,

sharing their soul.

Lonesome towns,

roads and bridges


the landscape,

ignored by most beings -

as are the

forlorn tones

of tug boats, trains and paddle steamers -

as its residents are sheltered

(yet also encased) -

the valley’s pull

too strong

for some to ignore.

Secretive when cool fog hangs low,

it burns in fire when the sun sets west,

yet chilled in pristine monochrome

when the ice forms.

Stubborn and handsome,

proud and at rest,

majestic and wild,

the valley makes not a sound -

the working man establishing the beat.




white, then brown again –

the life cycle rotates freely.

The air is thick with hard work –

the iron worker,


and driver

nobly toil,

except on fall Friday evenings,

when football is king.

Those uniforms –

artifacts of distant dreams  -

hang from the line,

as rough, wrinkled hands carry on -

garments mustering strength

for another hard-fought day.

You earn it here.

~ Bill Breneman ~

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