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Route 20

The invisible wind whistles through

long jagged cracks

in the rocks forged by ice

long since departed,

as the eagle resting nearby takes notice,

only slightly amused -

he’s heard it all before.

Secluded in nature's canopy

exist winding, twisting paths -

dividing dense armies of

Washington’s evergreen and spruce -

but they lead to nowhere,

confusing some who enter here.

Just over there,

fragile flowers blossom quietly,

their roots cling


to cliffs' edges,

straining to get the best view of the show -

but the mountain lion rules here.

In streams far below,

nestled neatly in valleys which


those stoic warriors of recent winter snows,

they babble cheerfully,

their playful nature masks their deadly reach

when spring rains come.

All in view of Route 20.

~ Bill Breneman ~

Untitled photo
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