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Yosemite National Park

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There is a place

where valley waters shimmer

and souls awaken,

the Spring winds rush,

caressing weary souls.

There is a place

where backlit trees shoot shadows' daggers


framed in parallel with

time's wrinkles,

etched unapologetically

into the valley walls.

There is a place

where the bear lurks distant

and grasses lay close,

where puffy clouds and gentle fog

whisper softly

to each other,

betraying no secrets.

There is a place

where circumstance favors the keen eye

and time stands still -

flanked by towering guardians,

whose secrets

the wise old artist knew all too well.

There is a place

where I am reborn -

for I trace the Master's footsteps,

my trodden steps dwarfed

in the prints of the former.

Here, in this place,

all things speak to me

and wash over me as

Spring waters


o'er the earth.

And in this special moment,

in this special place,

I make love -

and all is exquisite.

~ Bill Breneman ~

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