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The following rates apply for the following photographic services*:

• Engagement Photography

• Corporate Photography

• Maternity Photography 

• Wedding Photography

• Portrait Photography

• Product Photography

• Event Photography

• Food Photography


$150 for the first hour (this applies after Bill arrives at the location of the shoot.)

$100 for each additional hour (this rate also applies to all post-production work). If it is a multi-day shoot, this rate is applicable during the time Bill is physically present at the location where photographing takes place.  

For product or food photography, you have the option of shipping your products to Bill Breneman Photography to be photographed, inviting Bill to your business location to make the images you need, or providing such items for Bill to shoot at his studio in Bend, OR (Bend-businesses only).

For photo shoots requiring driving 40 minutes from Bill's studio in Bend, OR, or if there is any plane/boat travel, overnight accommodations and/or rental vehicle usage, all costs associated with such travel (including ticket price, baggage fees, any related taxes, insurance, parking fees and meals) will be included in an expense report, which will be issued to the client following the shoot.

*Rates for Real Estate Photographic services, portrait photography, RV photography and any others not listed on this page can be found on those respective pages. Click on the Photographic Services link for those services.


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