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Retail Photography Rates*

Ground Floor Package (Perfect for retail spaces under 3,000 sq. ft.)

 1 Exterior architectural "curb appeal" shot

 1 Optional "customer service" shot 

•  2 Interior "retail floor" shots 

  6-7 Still-life product shots

10 Total Images = $380

Mid-level Package (Great for retail spaces 3,001-6,000 sq. ft.) 

 2 Exterior architectural and decorative "curb appeal" shots

 1-2 Optional "customer service" shots

4-5 Interior "retail floor" shots

11-13 Still-life product shots

20 Total Images = $680

Top Floor Package (Ideal for retail spaces 6,001-12,000 sq. ft.) 

2-3 Exterior architectural and decorative "curb appeal" shots

2-3 Optional "customer service" shots 

6 Interior "retail floor" shots

18-20 Still-life product shots

30 Total Images = $980

Individual retail spaces larger than 12,000 sq. ft.: Call for an estimate.

Shopping Center Photography for Mall/Property Management Use

Multiple exterior architectural and decorative "curb appeal" shots  

Multiple interior imagery of participating retailers/restaurateurs

Multiple "day in the life of"/shopper images   

Optional "night glow" imagery

As shopping centers can be quite large and the scope of projects can vary considerably, the number of images, time spent on the project and cost can vary. Please call and let's discuss your project.

All Packages include:

 Complete post-production work 

 1 Site Visit Consultation 

 Unlimited licensing of images 


Rates are subject to change.

Payment is accepted either by check (payable to Bill Breneman Photography) or through a Square card reader. A 3.5% processing fee will be added to all Square transactions. Square transactions can be done right over the phone.

A travel fee of $100 will be added to the cost of a shoot for projects done within the state of Oregon but outside of Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson Counties. Costs related to the use of rental cars, air/boat travel and overnight accommodations (gas, tickets, reservation fees, baggage fees, taxes, insurance, parking, meals, tolls, passes, etc.) outside of Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson Counties are not included in pricing, and will be invoiced to the client following the shoot.

Bill Breneman Photography does not hire, and rates do not include the use of models for "day in the life of" or product photography imagery. If models are desired it is up to the client to supply them along with related refreshments, props and items necessary for the shoot.

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