In our visual world, quality imagery is a must. While some use smart phones, tablets or pocket digital cameras to "snap pics" and call it "good enough", one risks images containing rogue fingers, unintended shadows, sunspots or flash reflections; or being poorly exposed, blurry, crooked, etc. Such imagery poorly represents your products and brand, literally putting your business in a bad light. 

When working with Bill, know that you are not just hiring a photographer - you are working with a seasoned sales and marketing professional (and former teacher) who also just happens to be a professional photographer and an insured, FAA-licensed drone pilot. Bill brings a tireless work ethic and a relationship-driven approach, appreciating that great imagery is both powerful visual storytelling and a potent promotional tool.

Being a professional photographer consists of more than being skilled at making compelling imagery, however. Whether it's still photography, drone photography, virtual tours or videographyfrom the initial introduction, as-needed site visits and preparation to the photographic session, post-production and beyond, Bill Breneman Productions is committed to utilizing high technology while providing punctual, personal and professional service. Based in Bend, Oregon, Bill Breneman Productions has a regional footprint and international reach - and is ready to work with you and your team. 

Bill Breneman Productions accepts payment with these apps, plus cash or check:

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Learn how Bill Breneman Productions can help you.

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