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Photographic Services

We live in very a visual world, so quality imagery is a must. While one can take a smart phone, tablet or pocket digital camera, "snap some pics" and call it "good enough", there is a risk of images containing rogue fingers, unintended shadows, sunspots or flash reflections; or be over/under exposed, blurry, crooked, etc. - literally putting your project and business in a poor light. While such imagery can serve as aids to memory (suitable for office cubicles, for instance), they do a poor job as visual elements in professional communications projects.  

When considering Bill Breneman Photography, there is an important distinction to keep in mind. You are not just hiring a photographer - you're working with a seasoned sales and marketing professional (and former teacher) who just happens to be a professional photographer. Having worked in those fields, Bill brings a well-rounded professional perspective to his work and appreciates that photography is visual storytelling. Being a professional photographer consists of more than making compelling imagery - there's punctual, friendly, personalized and professional service; prompt turnaround; flexible pricing; industry-standard editing techniques and software; beautiful fine art as well as gorgeous wall display options for home or office décor. From the initial site visit and staging to the photographic session and post-production, Bill Breneman Photography is committed to producing quality imagery in a timely manner. While based in Bend, Oregon, Bill Breneman Photography has a regional footprint and international reach - and is ready to work with you and your team.

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