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Photographic Services

Regardless of situation, purpose or organization, quality imagery is always in demand. Sure, you or a team member can take a smart phone, tablet or pocket digital camera, snap some "pics" and call it "good enough" - but you risk images containing rogue fingers, unintended shadows, sunspots, or flash reflections; or being over/under exposed, blurry, crooked, etc. They may work as aids to memory or for office cubicles, but not for professional communications projects. From the initial site visit and staging to the photographic session and post-production, Bill Breneman Photography is committed to providing quality still imagery for your project and organization.  

Craftsmanship. Flexible pricing options. Friendly, professional service. Prompt turnaround. Industry-standard editing techniques and software. Gorgeous wall display options and fine art solutions. These and other deliverables make working with Bill Breneman Photography a special experience. While based in Bend, Oregon, Bill Breneman Photography has a regional footprint and international reach - and is ready to address your photography needs. 

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