Drone Photography 

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Imagery. Elevated.

Quite literally, drone photography can truly elevate your imagery. Regardless of market segment, drone photography has a host of artistic, practical and necessary uses. From construction documentation, real estate listings and site surveying to agricultural monitoring, event coverage and even weddings, drone photography is invaluable technology to lean on for producing aerial images or video capture.

Bill Breneman Productions is insured and FAA-licensed (Part 107) to operate UAS - or Unmanned Aerial Systems - and has a squadron of two DJI Mavic Air 2 drones (nicknamed "Maverick" and "Goose"). While small, Maverick and Goose pack (and can take) one heck of a punch. They can each stay aloft for over 30 minutes on a single battery charge and they each contain a 12MP sensor capable of producing images up to 48MP along with sharp 4K video at 60fps, insuring visually striking aerial imagery.

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Benefits of drone imagery:

 MLS statistics show that listings sold 68% faster with drone imagery than without.

Impress potential clients. Commercial and Residential buyers are still used to seeing street-level imagery, so the unique perspective aerial coverage brings will stand out as something different. This may compel them to hire you instead of someone else.

• If you work in construction, having aerial imagery provides added context of your build or remodeling project as well as an eye-catching method of showcasing current or completed work – whether it’s a single-story dwelling, a shopping center, a multi-story structure, an office park or some other multi-structure facility or complex.

It is a great way to show how much land a property has, to show it in context with other nearby properties as well as the property’s boundaries.

It is a very effective tool to highlight great features of a property, such as a waterfront location, a swimming pool, or beautiful landscaping.

Drones can produce video as well as still imagery. Mixing aerial footage with ground-based video clips provides a more well-rounded perspective on a property and is sure to impress.

Aerial imagery is almost a requirement when promoting a luxury property. Not only does it make the property look good….it makes you look good.

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