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Event Photography Services

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"Bill - I really appreciate your time and efforts for the 'East County's Got Talent' event. The photos are great!"

~ Alison Hart, CEO, Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce

Do you need images or video captured for a special event? Partnering with Bill Breneman Photography can mean your event gets the "exposure" it deserves. Bill Breneman Photography can produce high-resolution digital images or high-resolution 4K video for whatever needs you have. Bill would love to know more about the scope of your project, and is eager to work with you.

Reunions  •  Ceremonies  •  Tradeshows  •  Social Events  •  Competitions  •  Sporting Events  •  Community Functions  •  Company Celebrations  •  Conferences and Conventions  •  Large and Small Group Meetings

Sample Imagery

Please contact Bill Breneman Photography at least 20 calendar days ahead of your event. When reaching out, please include the following information:

1. Name of the organization you represent and/or your client (if applicable).

2. The address of the event which needs images.

3. Specific types of pictures needed.

4. Desired dates/times for the shoot to take place.

5. Desired date for when the images should be in your possession.

6. The on-site point of contact whom Bill will be coordinating the shoot with, and their contact information.

7. Any other information which will help make your project successful. Also, please be as specific as possible regarding what types of shots and subject matter you/your event needs in particular, as that will assist Bill in providing the very best service possible. Please call or e-mail Bill and share more about the scope of your project and Bill will work with you to arrange a photoshoot.


Post-production work will be limited to cropping, color, highlights, shadows and contrast adjustments. This fits with ethics requirements for press release, marketing collateral and editorial use. This imaging is based on industry standards of "darkroom techniques" employed with film processing. These techniques include color correction, shadow and highlight adjustments, contrast, etc. No content editing is performed. Additionally, if there is an interest in having Bill establish an online gallery, Bill will do this for you.  

Contact Bill Breneman Photography for rates.

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