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Product and Food Photography

Regardless of your project's scope, Bill Breneman Photography can produce high-resolution images for whatever needs you have: web site illustrations; marketing or public relations projects; corporate communications pieces, etc. Most projects take a few short days, depending on business volume. If you need images for a printed piece such as catalogs or brochures and face deadlines, please allow for an extra few days, just to be safe. Early is never too early enough, but late is always too late. Keep in mind that if an item or container gets noticeably damaged in transit, Bill will return it, requesting a newer, better one for the shoot. After all, you want your product to look great - and Bill wants your images to look great! Give yourself a few extra days, just to be safe. 

What you get...

Quality customer service from start to finish; detailed product or shoot site preparation; comprehensive post-production work, removing dust and other imperfections; secure re-packing of items (if applicable) and CD/s (or Thumb drives) for return shipment; prompt online delivery and turnaround; free online display and digital archiving; and a variety of different background options, including (but not limited to) white, black, wood and reflection. 

Shipping Tips (For Product Photography and Packaged Food Items)

Send your best! Select products which are free from damage, scratches, printing errors, crooked labels or any other flaw which would detract from the finished photo. If sending goods in bottles, jars or cans, try to pick items where the lid configuration is centered with the label on the side of the item. Symmetry is very attractive and eye catching. Also, make sure that they are the right size: If shipping apparel, please send the smallest size available for each item. Small or medium-sized garments always photograph better than large or extra large sizes, due to excess material in larger sizes. Additionally, avoid using dusty packing materials to protect your products. Padding such as shredded paper, newspaper, or some recycled products can leave your products covered in dust and difficult to prep for photography. Bubble wrap or packing peanuts are better choices.

Avoid damage and leaky liquids: Be sure fragile components are safely protected from handling during shipping. Cardboard products such as retail packaging can be easily damaged if not properly protected. Objects which are chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged will be returned without being photographed with instructions to send a newer/better product, if I determine the object is not photogenic. If you send liquids such as lotions or creams, be sure the lids are on tight and will not leak. Your products will experience altitude change while in transit and may spill their contents. It is a good idea to individually pack these products in resealable plastic bags. If one leaks the rest of the items will be protected.

Please include the following information:

1. Name of the organization you represent.

2. The address of the location needing images.

3. Specific types/locations of pictures needed on site.

4. Desired dates/times for the shoot to take place (if on-location).

5. Desired date for when the images should be in your possession.

6. The on-site point of contact whom Bill will be coordinating the shoot with, and their contact information.

7. Any other information which will help make your project successful.


Post-production work will be limited to cropping, color, highlights, shadows and contrast adjustments. This fits with ethics requirements for press release, marketing collateral and editorial use. This imaging is based on industry standards of "darkroom techniques" employed with film processing. These techniques include color correction, shadow and highlight adjustments, contrast, etc. No content editing is performed. Additionally, if there is an interest in having Bill establish an online gallery at, Bill will do this for you. 

Rates and Scheduling

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