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RV Photography Services

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You are not selling used cars. You are selling a lifestyle. Don't settle for images like this:

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Effective marketing communicates value and holds a buyer's attention. Do buyers find value in your vehicles, service and brand if images are underexposed, crooked, blurry or non-existent? No. When delivering content, your RV business needs a professional photographer who produces quality, compelling images. These images enhance a buyer's purchasing experience and are potent tools in your sales/service team's toolbox.

Some dealerships utilize used car photography services to shoot their RV's. This is an apples-oranges approach. You may save money, but you also get what you pay for - and that can reflect poorly on your business.  Additionally, you risk of photographers being late; not shutting doors/drawers or putting things back how they found them; won't bother editing; taking forever delivering images; and - most importantly - producing blurry, under/over exposed, crooked or discolored images which may also feature the photographer and/or their gear prominently in images (like in the examples shown above).

As Bill has a professional background in sales and marketing management, he brings unique understanding and perspective on how to effectively promote and sell products and services. Promoting RV sales and service with quality, compelling images allow buyers to know your products and services in detail, will certainly set you apart from competitors, will enhance your reputation, and improve conversion rates and sales. Even if you already have photographers shooting your RV's, consider Bill Breneman Productions as an additional resource. Staging services are available.

Free, No-obligation RV Dealership Photography Needs Assessment

This assessment focuses on two critical areas in marketing RV’s on your dealership's website: the quantity and quality of images. It addresses images of RV’s in your new/used inventory (not homepage, stock or any factory-issued images used elsewhere on your website) and does not evaluate graphic design or iconography.

This assessment is divided into three parts: Assessment, Recommendations, and Solutions. Using a 4.0 grading scale, every RV in your dealership's inventory gets graded on image quantity and overall image quality. After all RV listings are graded, the two grades are added up, averaged and given two separate overall scores for your dealership. This is the Master Dealership Impression Score, or MDIS. The MDIS measures how good an impression your RV photography makes on would-be buyers, and pinpoints areas for improvement in your dealership’s overall RV photography presentation. This POWERFUL data can be pivotal in improving conversion rates and sales.

Here are some sample images of how Bill Breneman Productions can help your customers (literally) see your RV's in a whole new light:

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