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Videography Services and Virtual Tours

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"Bill, I just viewed the Matterport tour. It’s very nice! You are a rock star!"

~ Kathleen Blesius, Owner, Sisters Bunkhouse Hotel


Videography is true visual storytelling and perfectly complements still imagery and Matterport® 3D virtual tours. Videography takes a more cinematic approach to capturing properties and spaces - and is useful in a whole host of industries and market segments: from real estate and vacation rental listings to construction and remodeling projects; and from retail spaces and restaurants to weddings and events

COVID-19 Considerations

With the spread of the Coronovirus (COVID-19) beginning in early 2020, videography and virtual tours (see below) have become even more critical in providing a "touchless", anxiety-free means of browsing listings - particularly for real estate, vacation rental and hotels. In a new era of "social distancing", these two platforms can truly benefit everyone.

Sample Video

Why real estate agents and property managers care about video:

36% of people use video when searching for a home (National Association of Realtors)

• Real estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without

• Like virtual tours, videos provide "touchless", anxiety-free browsing

• Increases online engagement from higher-quality prospects

• 24 hour post production and turnaround in most cases

• High-resolution, 4K video quality

• Mobile-friendly

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Matterport® 3D Virtual Tours

Matterport® 3D Virtual Tours are the gold standard in 3D capture. These high-resolution (134 megapixel) tours let anyone with internet access experience spaces as if they were physically there - and is the premium solution for space modeling, virtual reality and walk-throughs. This virtual reality experience, coupled with unique "doll house" and visual "floor plan" views, show how an entire property or specific spaces fit together. These tours create a "digital twin" which are accurate to within 1% - allowing for eye-popping, immersive experiences when viewing real estate; vacation rentals; hotels and their suites/amenities; retail spaces; construction/architectural projects and more. Here are some of the benefits to utilizing Matterport® Tours:

• Surprise your clients, impress your colleagues and put your competition to shame

95% of people are more likely to call about properties with 3D virtual tours

• Increases online engagement from higher-quality prospects

74% of agents who use Matterport® win more listings

• "Touchless" tours make for anxiety-free browsing

• Easily embed tours into a website or social media

• 24 hour post production and turnaround

• Realistic, full-immersion perspectives

• Leads to increased commissions

• Mobile-friendly

Contact Bill Breneman Photography for rates.

Sample Matterport® 3D Virtual Tours

Real Estate Virtual Tour

Vacation Rental Virtual Tour

Hotel Virtual Tour

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