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Headshot and Portrait Tips 

Professional Headshots

This is all about putting your best foot (and face) forward - about making a statement without saying a word. Your headshot should look professional and reflect your individual style and personality. While this may seem like a no-brainer, it is important that facial hair be neatly trimmed and that hair is styled to your liking for your shoot. A tasteful level of makeup is good, and jewelry should not be too flashy or bulky.


Stay with solid colors instead of patterns. Conservative, neutral color schemes are great for professional headshots, such as browns, burgundies, blues/grays, as well as black. If it is a group shoot, it is advised to color coordinate your clothing so that one particular person doesn't stand out over another. For individual shoots, consider mixing in some vibrant (solid) colors to add some more personality and "zest" to images.


Consider how you wish to accessorize yourself for your shoot - such as scarves, hats, and jewelry. If you are an athlete, consider including your uniform, as well as the sport element you play with (football, baseball bat, etc.). If you're an artist or musician, you might want to bring your instrument or a simple piece of equipment (guitar, camera, etc.). These elements can noticeably alter the mood and style of the finished image and be a nice compliment to your attire.


The key word to when thinking of adding children to a shoot: comfort. This means that it is a good idea for them to be dressed and ready to go before the shoot, so that they can be made to feel as comfortable as possible, and bring some water and a non-gooey snack (i.e. nothing which can smear, like chocolate - which can melt/soften in your hand). Additionally, toddlers/infants work well in clothes without loose collars or clothing elements which may flip up and cover their face - especially if they cannot sit up by themselves. Also, schedule a shoot time when they will be most receptive for shooting (i.e. not grumpy, sleepy or both). As Bill Breneman Productions does not provide accessory options (hats, ties, etc.), think about what might work best for your young one before the shoot.

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